Brad Levy's Informal Résumé

Professional Expertise and Interests

I have over thirty years experience in software, hardware, and user-interface design. I also have experience in graphic design, photography, web design, tech writing, and computer systems to enhance the organization, delivery and presentation of information. Please contact me for focused information detailing my experience specific to your professional needs.

Experience and Expertise:
Software Development | Electronics | Tech Writing | Entrepreneurship | Graphic Design | Web Design | Photography


I have extensive experience with C, C++, Visual Basic, assembler language, and HTML. I have experience with development environments including Visual Studio, LabWindows/CVI and ATEasy, Windows, DOS, Unix, X-Windows, Arduino. Most of my work has been with PC's, workstations, and embedded systems. I also have experience with SQL, PHP, Adobe Flash, Python, and other computer and scripting languages. I've worked on large project teams with many programmers as well as projects where I was the sole software developer.

My areas of expertise and interest include embedded systems programming, avionics, user interface design, information packaging for presentation and re-use, device drivers, computer and video graphics, communications and Internet protocols, system/portable core library development, performance tuning, language design and implementation, and scientific programming.


My electronics development experience includes a weather monitoring network, avionics, test equipment and software, and energy management systems. I'm also knowledgeable and interested in video and imaging technology. While I have more experience on the digital design than analog design, I have designed analog interfaces and specialized test equipment that met requirements for operation over broad temperature ranges with specific error limits. I have also worked with RF test equipment up through microwave frequencies. I've worked extensively with the 80x86, Microchip PIC and dsPIC, and Z80 processor familes. I am also familiar with most other processor and DSP architectures. I am currently working on several Arduino (Atmel and PIC32) and Raspberry Pi (Arm) based projects. I've designed with PLDs and FPGAs. I have experience with AutoCAD, DesignSpark PCB, and P-Cad, as well as other CAD software for both mechanical and circuit board layout/design. I've developed test suites for custom ICs and assemblies as well as complete products.

Tech Writing

I have written and updated manuals for hardware and software products. I also served as technical reviewer for two books, Beginning C for Arduino, and Beginning Arduino, 2nd Edition, working with the authors to insure technical accuracy before publication.


In 1993 I co-founded Weather Metrics with Peter Levy, developing our ideas from concept into successful products for the weather and television industries. More recently, I collaborated with Sheldon Levy to develop and market a new product, IntuiSwitch, for the model railroad market. I have also worked with a variety of clients as an independent consultant, as BKL Consulting.

Graphic Design

While my college education was in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I learned much from students majoring in graphic arts while living in Hashinger Hall, a residence hall for the creative arts. I have continued to pursue the interest that sparked, taking classes in drawing and collage, designing newsletters, websites, event programs, posters, mailings, handbills, signage, maps, certificates, t-shirts, buttons, and exhibit catalogs. My years of experience in photography have also enhanced my eye for design and composition.

Most of my graphic design experience has been for pieces emphasizing the clear communication of information, rather than fine art. I am experienced at minimizing production costs, and designing color pieces that still print well in black and white. I also understand the design requirements, issues, and limitations of different media and processes, which allows me to optimize designs to maximize the output quality for the intended media. I have experience with Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver, Flash) and Corel (Draw, Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro) design software.

Here are links to some samples of my graphic design work:

Logo for Kantronics, Inc.
For Kantronics, Inc, a manufacturer of radio data communications equipment.
Dance Weekend Logo
Dance weekend logo for the Lawrence Barn Dance Association

Printed pieces Fonts
I combined my graphic and engineering/documentation interests to create a font that makes it easier to document equipment with 7, 14, and 16 segment displays. You can read more about the font (and see examples) here.

Web Design

I took a relatively early interest in the World Wide Web due to my long-standing interest in information architecture and user interface design. Constraints of a partly rural target audience (for whom web access was frequently a toll call), and limited host features led to an emphasis of quick-loading content and conveying information than on glitz. My more recent web work has taken advantage of hosting capabilities including PHP and MySQL to implement enhanced features as time permits. These dynamically generated web pages are mostly in secure sections of the sites, accessible only to board members, but allowing automation of various board member tasks, and on occasion, polling of the target audience. When doing site design or redesign, I consider the needs of the target audience first. This has led to inclusion of content such as custom maps for event-oriented sites, complete with a photo of the event location to assist out-of-town visitors in finding the events.

An example of my web design work is a complete site redesign in 2005 for Kantronics, a manufacturer of radio modems. This site redesign included:

  • Complete overhaul of the site navigation to simplify finding content.
  • Developing and organizing new content for the site.
  • Doing photography to accompany the text content.
  • Creating diagrams and animation appropriate to the content.
  • Active steps to help potential customers who are less familiar with radio communications technology feel more comfortable getting started with it.
  • Site organization designed to address multiple audiences.
  • Optimization to improve findability by search engines, especially for new customers and new products.
  • Rework of existing downloadable documents to enhance their usability while reducing their download time.
  • Design for accessibility with text-only browsers and screen readers for the visually impaired.
  • Compliance with web standards
As one consultant asked by Kantronics to review the site redesign said:
  "To be honest, it's SUCH an improvement that it's not easy to find stuff NOT to like."

Site usage logs since the redesign was implemented have confirmed increased traffic from new visitors, increased access of new products, and more direct traversal within the site.

While doing non-web work for another client, I implemented a simple web page on their internal network to provide organized access to the quality control procedures and forms already present on their network. Use of the page quickly spread to multiple departments, and the company soon formally adopted the page as a very good idea. This is an example of using simple tools and common sense to provide timesaving access to corporate resources, at minimal cost but to great benefit.

I still maintain a number of sites for local community-oriented groups, including:


I do a wide range of conventional and digital photography, from publicity photos to fine art. My works have been accepted in juried shows in Hays, Lawrence, and Kansas City.
You can view some of my photography here in my photo gallery.

  • or phone 785.749.1356 for further info.
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