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What follows is some of the history behind Margaret Hashinger Hall. If you have more to add, please pass it along! .
Note: Details marked with an * are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Hashinger Hall, 2003
TimeframeHappeningsMore Details
 Hashinger Hall opens as an all-womens dorm.
The building cost $1.9 million to build.
In the early days as a womens dorm, the residents checked in each night in an index file box anchored by the corner window in each floor lobby. The boxes are gone, but the anchors are still visible.
View them here
Sept 22 '62Official dedication ceremony
for the Hashinger Hall, with Mrs. Margaret Hashinger and chancellor W. Clarke Wescoe and over 400 women residents attending.
 Hashinger Hall switches from being an all-womens hall to a co-ed creative arts hall.
This switch led to one oddity, as the main lobby guest restroom, having originally designed for guests of a floor occupied by women, had been built as a mens restroom. When Hashinger became co-ed and that floor became a mens floor, the lobby restroom became a womens restroom. But it addition to a stall, it still had the urinal left over from when it was for men.
 Program Coordinator: Peggy Baldwin
Nov 30,
Dec 1,2 '72
Drama: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
 Program Coordinator: Peggy Baldwin
 Guest Artists:
The guest artists were initially funded by a grant from the Pearson Trust.
  • Pottery: Jane Klienberg (3 days)
  • Pottery: Jay Stires (3 days)
  • Photography: Diane Adams (Washington DC)
    (10 days in residence)
Fall,'73 Hashinger presents a variety show, “Maggie's Mobile Medicinal Marvel,” as a Parents' Day activity, and it tours to other residence and scholarship halls. Hashie Rick Pittaway writes about it in the Association of University Residence Halls Interchange, a newsletter (Hashie Bruce Ryder is associate editor).
Nov 9, 10,
11 '73
Musical: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Directed by Teri Walton
March,'74?Hashinger entry in Rock Chalk Revue wins honors.
 Resident Director: Janet Hoffman
Assistant Resident Director: Mary Daniels Johnson
Program Coordinator: Peggy Baldwin
Hall Gov President: Gina Kennedy
Hashinger resident John Beisner is Student Body President
 Guest Artists:
  • Dance: Marsha Paludan (2 days/wk 6wks)
  • Jazz Guitar: Jerry Hahn (3 days)
  • Weaving: Carol Zastoupil
Sept 13,'74Classical Music Recital
Oct 11,12,
13,17,18 '74
Musical: The Fantasticks View the program
Fall '74Variety show: “Video Magic With Maggie”
Nov 22,23,
24, '74
Drama: Tinkerbell is Dead
An original drama by Donna Young
View the ad
Dec 11, '74 Hash‘s “Christmas Celebration” includes madrigal carolers at a steak dinner in the decorated dining room, followed by “A Directors‘ Showcase of Scenes,” followed by tree trimming in the lobby.
Feb 7-22 '75 Program Director Peggy Baldwin having obtained permission from the Free to Be Foundation, Inc., Hashinger presents the world premiere stage adaptation of the popular children’s book “Free to Be . . . You and Me.” Baldwin and several Hash residents collaborate on the adaptation.
March '75 A dual program in the Theater, a one-act play followed by “A World of Improvization” [sic!].
April 15-21, '75 The Spring Arts Festival includes a classical music recital, a pop music concert, an evening of pantomime, an evening of drama and readings from literature by women, and a booklet of residents' poetry called “Where always it's Spring.”
April 27, '75 Hash High Awards Night, with presentation of a farewell gift to Peggy Baldwin. Jim Stringer is named “Outstanding Man of the Year” (apparently, no award given for Outstanding Woman!), Gina Kennedy: Outstanding Student, Marie-Aida Guillen: Ms. Congeniality, and Dirk Arrington: Mr. Congeniality.
 Resident Director: Janet Hoffman
Assistant Resident Director: Art Jacoby
Program Coordinator: Anne S. Abrams
 Guest Artists:
  • Bluegrass Guitar: Greg Allen (1 day)
  • Stained Glass: Dennis Maygers (1 day/wk for month)
  • Pottery: Mel Clark (7 days/2 wks)
  • Tap Dance: Lambriny Hedge (8 days/1 month)
  • Design: Max Beatty (3 days in residence)
Picasso Jayhawk best Homecoming display
Designed by Elsie Orr.
View the display
View the t-shirt
Another Hashinger t-shirt View the t-shirt
Oct 25,26,31
Nov 1, '75
Play: Blithe Spirit View the program
Nov '75Comedy: The Good Doctor
Dec '75A Hashinger Christmas photo View the photo
Feb 12-16, '75Readers' Theatre, “Dandelion Wine.”
March '76Pre-spring-break Sneaky Pete's
including a performance by Craig Dunn and Art Jacoby
View a photo
of it by
Randy Olson
March 25-27, '76Musical: “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris”
Choreographer Donna Carlson and her sister, both Hashies, had grown up all over the world and were thus able to help out with pronunciation in a song to be sung partly in a foreign language, leading director Jim Phillips to say something which, he noted at the time, was a sentence you would probably only ever hear in Hashinger: “Fortunately, our choreographer and her twin sister are both fluent in Flemish.”
April 9, '76Vocal Recital: Dennis Howell
April 20-25, '76 The Spring Arts Festival includes a pop music concert, a reading of women's writings, a dance recital, a satire of melodrama called "The Wild Flowering of Chastity (or, Chaste Across the Stage)," a classical music recital, and an art show in the fourth-floor lobby.
April 29-
May 1, '76
Two one-act plays: J.M. Barrie's "The Twelve Pound Look", and Terrance Rattigan's "All on Her Own."
May 5, '76 Guest Recital by pianist David Wehr.
May 9, '76 Hash High Awards Night. Debbi Morgan is named Ms. Congeniality, Gina Kennedy Outstanding Woman of the Year, Jim Stringer both Mr. Congeniality and Outstanding Man of the Year, and Bruce Ryder Best All-Around Student.
Finals Week
'75 or '76
Some unknown Hashie comes up with a brilliant way to let off tension during finals week - the "Midnight Scream". At a few minutes to midnight, people who are frazzled by studying, (or just feel like yelling) cluster in the parking lot, facing the building. At ten seconds to midnight, a countdown starts, and at midnight everyone screams as loud as they can for about 30 seconds and then runs at top speed into the building. Other halls, however, fail to find this therapeutic, and a tradition is (temporarily) nipped in the bud. It reappeared, however, in subsequent years, sometimes outside Hashinger, and sometimes outside the Chancellor's residence.
Housing brochure touted Hashinger features,
and showed Erik Hedstrom's uniquely decorated room. It also showed resident Elsie Orr.
View features and Erik's room*
View Elsie
in brochure
 Resident Director: Leslie Griffin (later married William Hennessey)
Assistant Resident Director: David ?
Program Coordinator: Anne S. Abrams
Hall Gov President: Elsie Orr
 Guest Artists:
  • Drawing and Painting:
    Jeff Hirschmen & Cheryl Hessing
    (New York City)
    (in residence, 1 month)
  • Playwriting: Megan Terry (Omaha)
    (in residence, 3 days)
  • Weaving: Anita Kapuan (8 days / 1 month)
  • Tap Dance: Lambriny Hedge (5 classes)
  • Jewelry: Glenice Staniford (2/wk x 4 wks)
  • Choral Direction: Eugene Butler (Nov 13)
  • Batik: Jodi Deutsch (2/wk 1 month)
Oct 11 '76Mime group meets 7pm 8th floor lobby
Oct 12 '76Mime group meets 7:30pm 2nd floor
Oct 13 '76Communication skill building workshop on dance floor, 7-10pm
Oct 14 '76HUSTLERS meet on dance floor, 7pm
Oct 15 '76Sneaky Pete's Prairie Rose Room, 3:30ish in theatre
Oct 15 '76Residence halls cooperate to spell out GO KU BEAT OU on side of halls facing Allen Field House, by specific rooms having lights on and shades up, others shades down, 7-10pm, in prep for homecoming game against OU.
Oct 17 '76Chorus meets Sundays from 1:00 - 2:30 pm in theatre to practice.
Oct 28,29
Nov 5,6,7 '76
Musical: The Apple Tree
Nov 13 '76Conductor/Composer Eugene Butler does workshop with the Hash Chorus
Feb 18,
19,20 '77
Hashinger presents Dames at Sea in a desert theater at the Kansas Union, with the SUA. View the review
May 8,'77Hash High Awards
View the poster
 The Hashinger Choir, Sneaky Pete's, and Classical Recitals were all active.
 A group of residents shared their interest in poetry, with regular meetings where they read and discussed poetry of their own and others. They'd get
reminder slips
like these
 The poetry group put out a small collection in the Spring, including poems by residents Chris Nolan, Lisa Carr, Rosemary Cvetkovich, John Seybold, Terri Bahlman, Tom Egan, Lori Menard, CDS, Jim Stringer, Valerie J. Meyers, Brad Levy, Kathy Horstman, Dalhia Cavazos, and Misty Maynard.View the cover
of The Bridge
My Feet
 The Recording Interest Group was a mix of musicians and techies, sometimes capturing the Sneaky Pete's or Recitals in the theatre, and sometimes capturing people singing and playing guitar in the stairwell, with resonant acoustics.
 T-shirts carried the "Hashinger Hillton" design. View the t-shirt
 Resident Director: Mary Staab
Assistant Resident Director: Bruce Gardner
Program Coordinator: Anne S. Abrams
 Guest Artists:
  • Square Dancing: Karl Edwards (2/wk x 2 wks)
  • Folk Dancing: Craig Paul
    (5 days/3 wks)
  • Quilting: Chris Edmonds (1 day)
  • Mime: Giff Booth (3 days in residence)
  • Disco: Leslie Uttan (2 day/ 2 wks)
  • Contact Improvisation:
    Danny Lepkoff & Christinea Svane
    (New York City)
    (1 wk in residence)
 Student Kitchen and side lobby renovations completed.
March 3-4,'78Hashinger entry in Rock Chalk Revue, "Bound to Broadway; Where Curtain Calls Are Few", walks away with all but one of the awards.View the program*
Apr 25,'78The Story of a Mother (Ritual Drama)View Flier
 Resident Director: John Vici
Program Coordinator: Anne S. Abrams
Guest Artist: Ntozaké Shangé
Sept 11,'78Wood shop open and ready for use. Residents warned that dis-membering yourself is strictly forbidden.
Sept 12,'78Mime classes started
Sept 18,'78Major Long-term Goals Committee meeting
Sept 23,'78Parent's Day Sneaky Pete's
Sept 30,'78T O G A - Disco party
Oct 28,'78Halloween Bash
Nov 16-19,'78Fall Musical: Story Theatre
Feb 22-24,'79Musical: The Happy HourView the program*
Oct '79Sneaky Pete's Hawaiian
Nov 4-6,'79Fall Musical: Once Upon A Mattress
Spring,'80Spring Musical: PippinView the t-shirt
May 9,'80Hash High Awards
 Guest Artists:
  • Dance: Jill Lady
Sept 20,'80Parent's Day Sneaky Pete's
Resident Pam Lewis performing at a Sneaky Pete's View photo
Apr 6-12,'81Typical Hash Handout (weekly newsletter)View it*
Apr 9,'81Guest Artist: Jill Lady
Apr 20,'81Musical Reviews
Apr 21,'81Classical Recital
Apr 23-26,'81Spring Musical: Celebration
View the t-shirt
May 4,'81Hash High Awards
 Resident Director: Glenn Allen
Program Coordinator: Bruce Jones
 Guest Artists:
  • Dr. Warren Farrell
Oct 3,'81Parent's Day Sneaky Pete's
Oct 11,'81Classical Recital
Nov 19-22,'81Play: Hold Me, by Jules Feiffer
Dec 7,'81Christmas Formal
Dec 8,'81Hashinger Choir Christmas Concert View the program*
Jan 22,'82Sneaky Pete's
Feb 13,'82Valentine's Dance
Mar 7,'82Classical Recital
Apr 19-23,'82Spring Arts Week
April '82Spring Musical: Company View the program*
  Apr 19Classical RecitalView the program*
  Apr 20KU Jazz Band and Choir Performance
  Apr 21Mime and Dance Performance
An Ensemble featuring the work of Ratso Philadelphia Louise--Saxaphonist; Giff Booth--Puppeteer; Greg Mackender--Vibraphonist; Marsh Paludan--Dancer. (Lighting by Paul Cernik and Brad Levy)
  Apr 22Hashinger Choir: Concert
  Apr 23Sneaky Pete's
Apr 30,'82Hash High Awards
'82T-shirt design featured happy/sad theatre faces separated by ribbon spelling HashingerView the t-shirt
Hashinger switches from co-ed by floor to co-ed by wing.
Poster promoting Hashinger and its special programs and facilities as it reached ten years as a residence hall for the creative arts. View poster
 Resident Director: Glenn Allen
Program Coordinator: Bruce Jones
 Resident Director: Dave Barnes (Fall)
Resident Director: Helen McDonald (Spring)
Program Coordinator: Bruce Jones
April 6-8,'84Spring Musical: The Fantastiks
April 6-8,'84Spring Musical: The Apple Tree
Fall, '85Fall Play: The Dining Room
Spring, '86Spring Musical: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Spring, '86?Mudfight erupts in planters out front. Housing department responds by filling the area with rocks and a yucca plant. Residents referred to it as the Ken Stoner Memorial Cactus Garden.As recalled by Mike Merschel
Fall, '86Orientation theme was "The Titanic". Phillip Thornton designed a memorable t-shirt to accompany. (This preceeded the movie.)As recalled by Mike Merschel
Xmas Break, '86Amazing series of murals (themed in late-'70s album covers) on 7th floor "accidentally" painted over by the housing department.As recalled by Mike Merschel
Program Coordinator: Neil LaBute
(now a well-known film director)
Mar 28-Apr 2, 2000Spring Arts Week
  Mar 28Hippie Freak Fest
Tie-Dying, Sidewalk Chalk Art, and more
  Mar 29Art Exhibit
  Mar 30Sneaky Pete's
  Mar 31The Vagina Monologues
  Apr  1Carnival
  Apr  2Band Night
Nov 30World AIDS Day Band Benefit Concert
Apr 3,4"The Tunnel of Oppression"
An interactive, multimedia experience that deals with issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia. Exit provisions are made for those who do not wish to go all the way through the tunnel. Participants had a group discussion with a university counselor after going through the tunnel.
Apr 17Skott Freedman speech and concert
Apr 9,10"The Tunnel of Oppression"
An interactive, multimedia experience that deals with issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia. Exit provisions are made for those who do not wish to go all the way through the tunnel. Participants had a group discussion with a university counselor after going through the tunnel.
Smoking ban implemented in residence hall rooms.
Nov 12"Student to Student: A Discussion on Diversity"
a student town hall meeting
Apr 7-9"The Tunnel of Oppression"
An interactive, multimedia experience that deals with issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia. Exit provisions are made for those who do not wish to go all the way through the tunnel. Participants had a group discussion with a university counselor after going through the tunnel.
 Complex Director: Michelle Moore
Assistant Complex Directors:
  Sara Cox, Julie Smith
Program Coordinator: Erin Jones
Late Nov
Art Show: Art on the theme of Circles
Feb 28,29"V Henry K,"
E.M.U. Theatre.
Apr 5-7"The Tunnel of Oppression"
An interactive, multimedia experience that deals with issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia. Exit provisions are made for those who do not wish to go all the way through the tunnel. Participants had a group discussion with a university counselor after going through the tunnel.
Apr 16-24Spring Arts Week and the first Hashies Come Home Reunion
  Apr 16Art Show Opening Reception
Watch for the online version here soon!
  Apr 16,17 Musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  Apr 17 Forum, "How to be a working artist"
with past and present residents. A chance for sharing what it means and what it takes to make art an ongoing part of your life.
Helpful links
and notes
  Apr 17 Hall tours, welcome barbeque and concert on the hill Some former
Hashies chat

at the reunion
  Apr 18 Movie night
Featuring movies and animations produced by or about present and past Hashinger residents.
  Apr 19 E. M. U. Theatre Q & A:
How to create and develop and independent theatre company.
  Apr 20 Swing Dance Lessons
  Apr 21 Crafts Night
  Apr 21 Shape Note Singing with the with the Kaw Valley Shape Note Singing Association. (The singing started off on the second floor, which had terrible acoustics. Things went much better when the singers moved to the stairwell, reviving an old tradition.)Local shape-note
singing links
  Apr 22 Open Mic/Sneaky Pete's
  Apr 23 Musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  Apr 23 Art House Lounge (on the dance floor)
  Apr 24 Musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
 Complex Director: Leon Hayner


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