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Word of mouth (and email) is our primary means getting the word out to former Hashinger residents. We don't have any master list of residents, although we've been able to gather some from event programs and Hash Handouts. We need your help contacting the people you knew (or know) from Hashinger. If you do contact former Hashies that aren't on this list about the site, and we will get the names added to this list to prevent duplication.
Privacy notice: Any info you supply will only be used for Hashinger Community/reunion purposes.

Hashinger Hall, 2003

Who we've been able to contact:

Note: This is a list of some of the people we have been able to contact. If they are on this list, you don't need to spread the word to them again. But they still might like to hear from you! If you are a former resident or staff member, and your name isn't on the list below, please let us know, and we'll get you added to the list.

(Married or changed names are shown in ( ) )
Perry Alexander
Mitchell L. Allen website
Dawn Anderson photo
Denitta Ascue (Ward)
Catherine Baer
Giff (Gifford) Booth
Gary Borchardt
Paula Borchardt
Karen Bullmer (Karin Bullmer Quist)
Julia Burlingham (Kottman)
Lisa Carr (Kirk)
Donna Carlson (Gardner)
Dennis Cernik
Donna Clausen
Cathy Crist photo
Valerie Cummins (Kisling) ('81-'83)
Cynthia Dahlberg
Dreux DeMack website
Craig Dunn
Tom Egan
Dena Friesen
Laurann Fulk (Taylor)
Bruce Gardner
Janice Gaulke
Steve Geiger
Patty Gerstenberger
David Hanna
Candy Hart
Kelly Hart (Lane)
Sue Hash (Hash-Hires)
Yvonne Heibert
Dennis "Boog" Highberger
Bill Hite photo
Jon Hobble photo
Rick Hoefer website
(Rev.) Kathy Horstman
Jason Huck ('88-'91)
Art Jacoby
Chris(tina) Kaberline
Erik Ketcherside
Dave Kirk
Robert Kisling
Jocelyn Kitchen
Jill Lady (Jill Allen)
John Lane
Rod Lathim
Brad Levy ('76-'82, off and on)
Missy Levy
Pam Lewis website
Melinda Levy (Pendreigh)
Barb Maclean
Marvel Maring
Brian McCalpin
Nael McCarty website
Tom McCune
Mike Merschel
Chip Miller photo
Kim Miller
Valerie J. Myers photo
Lynn Mockry
Denny Moore
Debbie Morgan
Paige Morgan
Frank Morris
Kaylyn Munro
Julie Nelson ('79-'81)
Dewayne Nickerson ('82-'86)
Dan O'Connell
Randy Olson
Elsie Orr
Charlie Peterson
Rick Pittaway
David Reisman
Kathy Rose (Rose-Mockry)
David Routh
Beth Russell ('88-'91)
Bruce Ryder
Kurt von Schlemmer
Mark von Schlemmer
Lennie Shaffer (Len Shaffer) website
Doug Slawin
Caryl Smith
Alan Sneath
Robert Sprackland
Teri Sprackland
Jim Stringer photo
Emily Tang
Deb Ticknor (McAnulty)
David Titterington ('01-'03) website: www.davidtitterington.com
Margaret Viezbicke
Carol von Rump (Ketcherside)
Leslie Uttan (Uttan-Auslin)
Ellen Walterscheid
Teri Walton
Denitta Ward
Andy White website: Hip Shot Cartoons
Julie Williams (Kingsbury)
Lorie Yager-Madden
Leo Yurovsky photo

This site is created and maintained by Brad Levy (www.bradlevy.com), a former Hashinger Hall resident, to foster communications between past and present residents of Hashinger Hall, and help publicize Hashinger Hall events. This site is not sponsored by or directly affiliated with the University of Kansas, although some of the events listed are.
Last revised 18 April, 2005