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Not many former residents were able to attend the first reunion, given the relatively short notice, and the difficulty of locating everyone after all these years, especially without a master list of residents. This site will stay up as a point of contact for future events, and hopefully also a place for former residents to share with current residents. Please help spread the word about it to other residents, and let us know if you move or change email addresses.

Hashinger Hall, 2003

Check back now and then for updates (such as the online version of the past/present resident art show we will be posting soon) and future activities. And if you have memorabilia (event programs, dates, photos) that we don't have on the history page, we'd love to have the information!

Take a look at the other Hashies Come Home pages (see the links above) and you'll find memorabilia about Hashinger past and present, what's changed, what hasn't, and a chance to offer thoughts on the future for Hashinger and other combinations of art and community.

This site is created and maintained by Brad Levy (www.bradlevy.com), a former Hashinger Hall resident, to foster communications between past and present residents of Hashinger Hall, and help publicize Hashinger Hall events. This site is not sponsored by or directly affiliated with the University of Kansas, although some of the events listed are.
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